Eclectic houses full of creativity that every artist would like to have

Bohemian house

«Funky little house in the Paseo district» by Cassi LJ is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Vintage sofas, industrial-style tables, a multitude of multicolored paintings on the walls, rugs with geometric designs, plants that decorate corners … The eclectic style is more fashionable than ever, but what does it consist of?

Eclecticism is based on the mixture of elements of different styles and times, finding inspiration in many different sources that may or may not be related to each other, in such a way that a unique and original decorative result is created, in accordance with the personality of the person who captures it.

The term eclectic comes from the Greek and means ‘chosen’, since the artist chooses what he is most interested in representing within all art movements. A style with which we will feel free to develop our creativity and thus fill every corner of our home. Objects of different morphology, texture, color … the possibilities are endless.

It is important that the application of eclecticism has a certain decorative balance, that is, that an aesthetic overload is not created in the mixture of all the elements.

Then let’s see examples of very personal eclectic houses that are succeeding in the networks. In each of them, the combination of the different elements creates an atmosphere that exudes creativity in all the rooms. They are perfect homes for artistic inspiration, they won’t let us be sad for a moment!

Rachael Havenhand's house

Eclectic dining room

Rachael Havenhand is an English artist whose home is her best cover letter. In it we can see joy everywhere. The pink and lilac colors on the walls stand out, romantic tones perfectly combined with a turquoise sofa. To contrast with these base tones, the artist uses multicolored geometric motifs on the rugs, tablecloths and in certain areas of the wall. Along with this, we can observe the presence of a large number of cushions, which leads us to a bohemian style that dominates much of the house. On the walls, full of paintings that let us see a little more the artist’s personality, we see Mexican motifs, references to movies, musical styles and artists like Frida Kahlo. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

Eclectic kitchen

Original staircase

Another house brimming with creativity is Tasha’s. This house stands out above all for its original kitchen, which combines the lilac tones of the wall with the turquoise of the furniture. This is accompanied by a multi-colored table with vinyl records that indicate where each guest should sit. The geometric motifs also stand out in it, as we can see in the black and white pictures on the wall and in the rectangles of the electrical appliances. Further, the staircase is very original and characteristic. Here you can see the geometry, perfectly balanced with the decoration of the rest of the house. What’s more eclectic than this staircase?

Vintage tiles

Geometric carpet

Multicolored squares

The creative Kim shows us her fantastic house, where the most characteristic element is the bathroom. We see vintage-style tiles bursting with color, creating a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere. Its living room is also very original, with plants, a multitude of colored cushions and a large checkered carpet, elements that evoke the bohemian style. The presence of a mandala design cushion refers to Hindu art. Other corners of the house show us vintage rugs. The navy blue walls contrast with a large number of multicolored paintings that show Kim’s inner universe, where we can see references to artists like Frida Kahlo again. In addition, we see natural elements of bohemian style in the plants, as well as in the wooden furniture or in the fruit bowl in the center of the table.

Vintage, hippie, bohemian, Arab, Nordic, minimalist elements … those that inspire you the most and fill you with vitality and good vibes are the ones that will best combine with your eclectic home. What are you waiting to start creating it?

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