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Scenes to photograph that you only find on the street

If you are one of those who takes the camera and goes out in search of action you have to see Everybody street of Cheryl dunn. Photography has an extensive field of action, but there is a certain adrenaline that runs through our body when we take the camera and search the streets for the perfect scene.

The city of New York with its endless busy avenues, the brutality of the scenes that are lived in the suburbs and the diversity in the faces of its people make it the setting, par excellence, for photography.

Everybody street is a documentary that with its spectacular audiovisual montage shows us the heart of the Big Apple under the gaze of great photographers, becoming a essential documentary for lovers of New York City, photography, and especially street photography.

Photographers whose names probably ring a bell or you should know like Elliot Erwitt, Boogie, Martha Cooper, Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, Jill Freedman, Bruce Gilden and Jamel Shabazz (shown below) relentlessly and boldly photograph every corner , delving deep into social class and experiencing the New York scene firsthand. Are able to introduce us to the world of urban photography, to make us feel this adrenaline and to infect us with the aroma of photojournalism.

Shocking images taken in New York

Photograph by Elliot Erwitt

Photography from the suburbs of New York

Boogie Photography

Photography about street childhood in New York

Photograph by Martha Cooper

Movie scenes taken on the street

Photograph by Bruce Davidson

Portrait photograph taken on the street

Photograph by Mary Ellen Mark

Contrast photography in New York

Photograph by Jill Freedman

Vindictive photography of social classes

Photograph by Bruce Gilden

Stylish photography in New York

Photograph by Jamel Shabazz

Everybody Street makes you love street photography, want to go outside with the Camera and capture our surroundings. In a documentary that has been in our library for a few years, being innovative and a great source of inspiration. You can currently find this essential documentary on the YouTube platform.

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