Everything about this year is rare, until the Osaka 2025 logo

Osaka 2025

There are sometimes there certain logos that hardly seem made to represent the Osaka 2025 World Expo. And this is what happens with the same Osaka 2025 logo that leaves us a bit confused when we try to find some kind of harmony in it.

Maybe in the chaos that is produce with a logo that can give many messages or none. Perhaps this is what you want to represent for Osaka 2025 for the World Expo, just as Seville was many years ago.

So we can say that it is one of the rarest logos that we have never seen for an event of this type; Well Naranjito from our World Cup certainly had his that. Although here at least in terms of forms it has its modern point.

And we are talking about a logo in which some circular shapes that might look like an egg or even a tomato, they have the detail of that possible “eye” in white with that point in blue also circular. Rare it is without a doubt.

As if something was forming and at the moment we do not know what it is. The truth is that there are still 5 years until Osaka 2025 is celebrated, so there is still a lot of cloth to cut; Nor is this hellish 2020 over yet.

As far as we know, this design was chosen from 5,984 entries, so it is sure that they have had to break their heads a bit to choose it, or this pandemic is affecting us all without our being aware of it.

This exhibition of Osaka has the goal of global cooperation to create a society where everyone can achieve their goals and demonstrate their real potential. Well, I said, we will see how everything goes until 2025, for now that 2020 ends … While we are going to see these bizarre Burker King masks.

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