Facebook will make it clear who is behind the hyper-known Instagram and WhatsApp apps with a «by Facebook». As if it is no longer clear who is in charge of this messaging app and that great social network.

The redesign of the brand has to do with eliminating those doubts for those who They still have doubts about the owner of the messaging app and the photo and video social network with hundreds of millions of users around the planet.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 while it was in 2014 when it was WhatsApp’s turn. One of the maxims of these two apps was to stay independent. In fact, WhatsApp even had more rigid conditions regarding privacy and protection for the user; although in the end those limitations have been assaulted by Facebook itself.


Just a new change to the year that the founders of these two apps have abruptly exited of the company Facebook to leave their site to “executives” of the social network. We can imagine how things have gone in this year in which a closer link to Facebook is sought, although this may be counterproductive over time with alternatives such as Telegram for WhatsApp.

That “by Facebook” tag already appears in other company solutions such as Workplace where you can see that motto perfectly. In any case, for normal people it is understood that WhatsApp and Instagram are two apps that come from Facebook and now knowing that for next year advertising will arrive for the first time on the company’s chat platform.

Be that as it may, Facebook wants to appear more visible to WhatsApp and Instagram users and thus its brand identity is reinforced after a few years in which the independence of the two has been tried to prevail. Don’t miss this app for Instagram.