Fernando Simón becomes a fan phenomenon with COVID-19


If there is a face that has represented the confinement that we have lived here in Spain by COVID-19 this has been that of Fernando Simón. His calm and his constancy in giving messages from neutrality have made him a fan phenomenon these days.

Memes of all kinds that illustrate the value of a healthcare professional who has seen himself in a thousand battles and who already many would like to have your curriculum vitae. That day after day giving the figures of new infections and more due to the coronavirus have generated hundreds of memes and that we pass on to publicize from these lines.

From that haircut to remove that scruffy look from Fernando Simón or how they have transformed him into the entire boss of the White Walkers of Game of Thrones.

Simon Rick

As well the we see in Animal Crossing with a very pleasant drawing and funny, or even transformed into the crazy grandfather of one of the fashion series. And that photographic retouch in which it has been possible to see everything combed from the satirical magazine El Jueves.

Or why not, a Fernando Simón Belmont, to make it clear that it will be one of the people linked in the history of this country When we go back in time And while it might seem like it’s easy to be there day after day, the coronavirus also happened at the time.

A professional who is in a moment of fandom and that we will still see those memes that are yet to come to make it clear that we are facing another of the superheroes of this coronavirus; just as Banksy has put on his site and that painting given to the healthcare professionals at Southampton Hospital.


You we leave with some more memes to leave this space for a current phenomenon.

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