Nathalie Lete

It is not easy to face a pandemic that has brought us all home. And it is true that we do not know how to properly manage this type of crisis in which we cannot move from a cabin, although we can lead to unleash the creativity of this artist called Nathalie Lété.

Lété has left us amazed with his talent for wallpaper on wall. Well, rather he has taken the walls of his house as a canvas to paint them florally as you can see in these images that accompany our article.

his first idea was to paint all the walls white and then take floral patterns. This was the first idea that crossed his mind, since the final result is far from the original; nothing else to see that interior of the house painted.


And if we get into what has had two months to paint it full timeWell, we already have the mess done. If he started with the walls, he ended up with lamps, cushions and all those elements that usually populate the interiors of the rooms of our house.

Lete desk

As you can see, he has not left anything for paint and even bathroom tiles They have taken that floral style and it looks more than good. At least now the house is full of “life.” The inspiration for Nathalie comes from folk art. Especially from those houses in Zalipie in Poland.


He has not left room in the house to break in with colors and that floral tone that is the protagonist of this artistic modification what has made your stay. It will be necessary to see if after the confinement it does not give it to other styles, since it is not something strange that artists can be given “stains” and end up modifying what they initially dreamed up in their creative minds.


This is his Instagram.