Ford pulls emoji to launch advertising without us knowing

Ford emoji

Ford has secretly designed a new emoji for a pickup just as he does not want the thing and to put publicity without us knowing. It seems that this is the case as we know today and so we are surprised, why who would have thought that at some point emojis could be advertising?

Since your Twitter account They have taken the wheel and have driven a series of phrases with which to announce that they have created a new emoji of a pickup. The excuse has been the 100 years of Ford vehicles and the world emoji day.

It was yesterday July 17 when Ford announced its pickup emoji in what is now known as the day of the emoji (we are a little crazy, right?). The emoji in question logically uses the blue color that identifies the brand and they have not hidden much when presenting those headlights that are linked to the brand.

So how long will it take see a red soft drink brand emoji? A hamburger that is from Burger King or McDonalds? It seems that it will be difficult to differentiate in so little space for an emoji, but we would not be surprised at all if we began to see them. Here one comes up with an idea, and hundreds go behind …

Worst of all is that those who take care of Unicode, which is like the standard of emojis, they have made it clear that Ford’s sponsorship should have been brought to light so that everyone knows that behind that pickup there is a lot of money.

Anyway we will see if it finally reaches those operating systems and each one makes their decision not to incorporate an emoji that is clearly advertising. It is also up to us to veto it and use those cars that are rather ugly but that perfectly represent the automotive industry, driving and speed.

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