Homo Machina

Fritz Kahn has served as inspiration for this game designed by ART and called Homo Machina. These days ago it came to Android phones to learn about the ins and outs of the human body if it were seen from the perspective of being a machine full of humanoids.

This was the work of Fritz Kahn, avant-garde and scientific visionary that his work in illustration has served as a source of inspiration to many filmmakers for decades. This time we have it on an Android mobile, although iPhone owners have had the possibility of it since 2018.

An enigmatic game full of puzzles to show us the most complex parts of the body human through magnificent illustrations. The work carried out by ARTE, the French television culture channel.

It leads us to a narrative enigma in which we are going to be able to know how the different mechanisms of some of the most important organs of the human body behave, such as vision or respiratory function.


The human body appears as a gigantic factory of the twenties and in which there are a series of humanoids who make sure that everything works perfectly. We will have to activate mechanisms so that the blood flows or the eyelid can simply be opened for vision. As is the case with the chewing exercise.


A premium game for Android mobiles which is also characterized by its dialogues in Spanish and that great work carried out visually by ARTE. An excellent way to educate the little ones in the house, and those who are not so young, and that is a perfect example for other types of apps or games that want to teach while playing. I love Hue is another great game for color.