The “Rebrand” of a brand like Polaroid It can be taken as the return of its origins with all that color that has identified it, at least with regard to its brand and that color so recognized.

It is true that the return has been made with primary colors, although in some of the tones of the color scheme, we do not have them so bright. Be that as it may, let’s get to know some of the peculiarities of this «rebranding».

Must be mainly the rebrand to the unification of new company to put aside what has been Polaroid Originals. And in fact to give more entity to the moment, it has launched a new camera called Polaroid Now.

Polaroid rebrand

Polaroid Originals was created in 2017 when the group The Impossible Dream merged with Polaroid. This branch of the business continued to manufacture instant cameras, while Polaroid was in charge of purchasing non-camera related products.

The rebrand has been done to give more clarity to customers when unify the brand under the same and unique identity that has analog cameras in its own spirit. And to show it, what better than all that rainbow and explosion of colors in the new logo.

In fact, each of the colors in this explosion of colors gives “color” to each of the variants of the new Polaroid camera. In fact this rainbow of color has been part of the iconography brand base. As for the new camera, it is an analogue with an autofocus system, a larger battery and a thinner flash for those necessary moments; a bit far from that of a year ago.

A back to the roots with all the color that has always been so close to Polaroid. Now we will see how sales go.