Whopper social distancing

Can the onion be the discordant element in an advertisement? of a Burker King Whopper these days? Ingenious it is without a doubt, but is it shocking enough to denote social distancing?

We have already seen the odd proposal, such as those letters in the logos, to show an essential social distancing to be able to counteract the expansion of COVID-19. There are some that have more effects than others, but we wonder if the onion in our country or others would have an effect.

In these parts of Spain, a Spanish omelette with or without onion is almost a national debate. So i know it takes us far away from that image of distancing if we take it to a hamburger, but who does not put almost burned roasted onion on top of a slice of cheese on a good piece of hamburger meat? (yes, we have been a bit carnivorous in expressing it).

Be that as it may, Burker King Italia has launched a new Whopper that has three times more onion than normal. Yes it is true that the idea is ingenious in itself, but maybe in advertising or the design of it They have lacked that touch to produce that effect; You already know that you can have ingenious ideas, but then you don’t know how to carry them out.

The idea behind the onion is to prevent the people around us, and see that many find it difficult to move a few meters away as if they had a magnet when we go for a walk or we are in the supermarket, when “smelling” onion. But hey, we would have to eat a lot of onion for such a repellent, well, maybe garlic if other people were vampires would also have the same effect …

The concept has been devised by the Wunderman Thompson agency and it has been carried out in the restaurants of the fast food brand. If you’re around …