Mona Lisa

A little creativity and a curious and interesting challenge like the one at the J. Paul Getty Museum from Los Angeles and we already have something fun to enjoy as a family in these days of confinement. It is the proposal of the same museum to the whole world.

And the truth is that some of the proposals carried out by the participants They are worth showing in this post to everyone and thus encourage you to do the same. A fun time to get out of that routine that COVID-19 imposed on the entire planet.

The Getty Museum challenge prompts you to try to recreate a painting work of some famous painter with 3 things that you can find for your thing. That is, you are going to have to figure it out just as all the participants have done. A challenge for ingenuity, creativity and talent as can be seen in these contributed images.


There are not a few museums that are challenging more people around the world such as the Pinchuk Painting Center in Kyiv in Ukraine, and that this previous one was inspired by the challenge Between Art and Quarantine Instagram account; In fact, we have already seen in our country how some inmates have appeared on TV for the same thing.

Little cat

The truth is that the samples of the participants are the most brilliant and some have enough creativity to put several members in the same capture. The Mona Lisa or Dalí’s “Isolation” They are the best we have seen.

Woman with fan

If you think that you are still late for the challenge, do not be discouraged, since there is time to have a great time with the family to find those three things with which to imitate a painting of some great. Meanwhile, The Viper is back, Hopper is back stronger and we even have a Where’s Wally edition of the coronavirus.


More info at Getty.