There are few times that we focus on some sculptures that stand out by themselves. This time they are the colossal sculptures erected in Mexico for its iconic and popular day of the dead; If you want to know more about this day, we suggest you see Cocó by Pixar.

Local artists in Mexico City have been those who hhave surprised friends and strangers with some gigantic skeleton sculptures that have appeared around the city. An excellent way to celebrate the Day of the Dead in our sister country.

It has been in Tláhuac where these sculptures have appeared and that have served to become a viral on social media. And is that thanks to those pieces of asphalt that surround it, it seems as if they had come out of the same ground to the surprise of passers-by.


They are not sculptures that, due to their industriousness, can resemble others, but it is the idea itself to place them in the same city so that all types of citizens can enjoy it, which draws the attention of this artistic bet for such a special day for Mexicans.

This Day of the Dead begins on October 31 and ends on November 2. Is a special day to celebrate lives of those who left her. A day on which one of the latest Pixar films called Coco is based and which perfectly captures the sentiment of Mexicans. A movie to watch and enjoy with the family and that shows again the great work of this animation film studio.

If for whatever reason you were in that city, do not miss the appointment to take a selfie or take a picture so to share it with friends and family. A unique and very important day for Mexico.