Glimpse is what the new name of GIMP would be and that comes to fix the problem that this great photography editing program has always had. A program called GIMP and that has always had sexual connotations, so now they have got down to work to change the name once and for all.

A well known editing tool, but that his name has not always been the most loved. The name comes from the acronym for GNU image manipulation and it has always been a word used for different reasons.

What they have done is fork the GIMP editor and call it Glimpse. As someone who does not want the thing and thus begin to give a new life to one of the most important programs in the world of graphic design.


The funny thing about the name change thing is that in the end it was bobby moss, an Oracle technical writer who has given the name so that we now start calling it Glimpse. It all came from a post opened by developer Christopher Davis on Gitlab called “Considering a renown for GIMP that is less offensive.”

Finding that Davis’ arguments for the name change were more than argued, Moss decided to create the fork with the Glimpse project. Moss explains that Glimpse not only cures the unfortunate name, but also puts the spotlight on the new redesign of the GIMP interface.

So we We are heading to a new phase and evolution of GIMP to be Glimpse and thus put aside all these years in which the word “gimp” can be used offensively against other cultures. Remember that GIMP and Glimpse are on different websites and that the Glimpse developers will continue to contribute to the GIMP code without any incompatibilities.

The Glimpse website.