Goku Ghibli style

Great moments Son Goku has given us in his journey through those Dragon Balls that have enchanted several generations since they were televised for the first time in our country in the early 90s.

Now him artist Go Gap has given Studio Ghibli a twist by drawing the great Son Goku like that. An initiative that has won the applause of many fans and the truth is that it does not look bad at all. Especially more for that part a little more “wild” and that could bring him closer to that Princess Mononoke.

Go Gap has also had the luxury of drawing Son Goku with his special super warrior ability, and still lives up to expectations for a character who has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world.

Goku Ghibli style

Fuse what has been Akira Toriyama and Studio Ghibli It is not easy and here it seems that this artist has hit the right key not to anger the staunch fans of Dragon Ball, and that those who love Ghibli animation films do not get angry either; there are always precious initiatives like this blue-ray box.

Too some inspiration remains from Naruto As you can see, although Goku has been depersonalized to make him more human and remove that more superhero aspect that we are all used to. And by the way, it was time for the great Akira Toriyama to pass through these lines and who has given rise to the most interesting adventures in decades; not only because of Dragon Ball, but also because it accommodates the characters from Dragon Quest, a saga of RPG games widely accepted in Japan.

Now you can enjoy that more humanized Goku to Studio Ghibli; And by the way, know why the new film from this animation studio is taking so long.