Tesla Golden Ratio

At least for many nor can it save Tesla’s pickup design that has surprised friends and strangers. But not everyone has been upset, as the landscape of vehicle design changes and surely another manufacturer will follow.

Especially if those 200,000 reservations become reality and its more than 800km It will allow its owners to move where they want as they happen with those based on fossil fuels. And it is that the golden ratio has been applied to the Tesla Pickup to confirm that it follows the universal principles of design.

We already spoke extensively in his day about the Golden Ratio, but it is a common mathematical ratio that describes the perfectly symmetric relationship between two proportions. And this is where the Tesla pickup goes the one approved to stay relievedAt least Musk, the head of the electric vehicle company.

Tesla Golden Ratio

That design of lines and a scalene triangle which takes center stage from the side view, has been the target of criticism and disagreement by many around the world. And the truth is that this design by Tesla has broken everything we knew of the same ones that it had launched and that they were rather common vehicles that had not gone beyond stereotypes.

Tesla’s pickup it will be a before and after for the automotive industry, and not only for the design, but for reaching its more than 800km of autonomy and that make it a highly desired vehicle by many. Since currently having vehicles that do not exceed 300-400 is a nuisance. Have air conditioning, heating or those slopes depending on the route we make; And if there is a lot of traffic and do we stop? what do we do?