Design grid system

You have heard about the famous grids used to design and it is that the importance of its use should not be overlooked. The grids or grid help us to order our design in a given space, organize it and prepare it properly for its implementation on any surface.

Many designers prefer not to use grids because they feel that they limit their creativity, while for others the use of grids is essential. Tidy does not mean limited, grids are a tool that can be modified, broken and be the basis for any design. Using them makes us have absolute control over our design and very clear the result we seek to obtain.

The use of grids is something quite optional, although there are certain composition rules that advise its use. For this reason, over the years, many designers and design studios, with the knowledge of this tool, have established a series of essential grids and also custom grids.

How to know more about these grids? we can find infinite useful information on the use of grids on the internet but we recommend the book Grid systems of Josef Müller-Brockmann, is a rigorous manual for designers in which it shows us the typesetting in any of its forms such as poster, brochure, magazine, catalog or editorial. Is a book to consult and always have at hand when structuring our design that you can buy [amazon link=»B00HNEBO3I» title=»aquí» /]. A good layout can be the result of using grids and knowing better organize your workspace.

You can purchase this manual at any physical or online bookstore. Do not forget that you can create your own grids according to your needs when designing, but first you have to know how they work to be able to deconstruct them to your liking.

Here are some examples of grids used to build perfectly balanced logos and editorial editing.

Isotype grid

Grid editing for magazines

Layout magazines with grid

Nintendo reticle