Handmade crafts, more fashionable than ever

Craft market

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You will have observed how many products that you see in stores or in networks have the Handmade label, or what is the same thing made by hand.

And, this type of production is more fashionable than ever. As a reaction to a mass production chain market for identical and generally low-quality products, ancient crafts resurfaces, where the production process is as important as the final result.

It is a vocational job, where the artisan values ​​and lovingly performs his work, which is increasingly valued in today’s market.

It is also fashionable the sale of this work through marketplaces. These are online stores in which users “rent” a profile within the platform, the latter being in charge of managing payments, the user interface, etc., in exchange for a small percentage of sale, which varies depending on the website. In some, you would also pay per advert published.

This type of store is ideal for those who start selling in this world and they cannot invest large amounts of money in a physical business (which would imply a rental, etc.), or on their own website (it is usually a much more expensive process). In this way, in exchange for a minimal investment, the craftsman can be exposed to the whole world. They usually have a good positioning in Google, but the disadvantage arises that within the web the competition generated is very highTherefore, positioning your store using hashtags or tags, as well as other tools, such as professional photography, is essential. Also promoting it on other platforms and on social networks can be a help for the small craftsman.

The most original and innovative product, or the one with some special characteristic for a certain audience, is usually the one that will have the most sales, but this is not always the case. Products that tell a story or reflect a way of life that is in line with the person who consumes it also win.

In the networks there is a large number of this type of artisans who sell their elaborate products to an audience sensitive enough to value them. We can find very diverse and original crafts, all kinds of unusual products that surprise us every day.

Next we are going to see some of them, striking for their originality.

Canned gardens


It is a store and school created by the Spanish artist María Ruano, specialized in the creation of mini gardens on various supports, like cans. They are miniature gardens where each plant and each ornament tells a story. A dream world that connects us with nature, being a handmade product that must be cared for and pampered.



Origami is an art that consists of giving different shapes to paper by folding it, being able to combine colored papers and create really impressive figures. This is the case of the crafts made by Origami and much more. Figures made very meticulously and full of color, original shapes that convey a world full of joy and vitality.

Other original objects

Mandalas are very fashionable, as they are symbols of inner peace and spirituality. We are used to seeing them painted on very different surfaces: canvas, wood, clothes, cups, plates … but the new artisans go much further, creating intricate mandalas with colored threads. We can also see the network full of beautiful designs painted on rocks or on other types of natural surfaces, such as cuts of tree branches.

Hand-painted clothing and accessories are also in high demand today. Further, everything that can be personalized and exclusive will be what conquers the client. Mugs with your dog’s caricature, pictures painted from your great vacations, are examples of a long etcetera. A world to discover, whose creative possibilities are infinite and that we cannot compare with that generated in mass.

What are you waiting for to support the small artisans?

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