Happy a great unknown Netflix series that will hook you

Happy is a great little-known netflix series

Happy is a series of policemen, a series of good and bad, a series with a unicorn as an imaginary friend of the main detective, really? 100% real in this series you will find an unconventional detective who seeks to fulfill justice at all costs without mind having to break the odd rule or law. This former detective addicted to alcohol and other substances, will meet a certain imaginary friend named Happy with whom he will live all kinds of crazy things while fighting crime.

It is a series with a harsh but very real aesthetic that manages to get you fully into the main story thanks to the touches of black humor and the craziness of the protagonist’s imaginary character, an imaginary friend unicorn of a girl who has been kidnapped in a sinister conspiracy .

If you like unconventional series and black humor this is undoubtedly the series that will hook you from minute 1.

I do not want to do spoliers, I better leave the trailer so that everyone can see if they like it.

This is Happy, the imaginary friend of the girl protagonist of the series, it is something cute because it is the drawing that came to life in this girl but at the same time this bug is fatal in the head and does all kinds of crazy things that no child should do. The big question is why can an adult see it if it is no longer a child?

Happy the crazy unicorn series

As a good cinephile I have seen the Happy series and I realized at the time that the series has certain references to other audiovisual works where they combine black humor with touches of action, all of this bathed in a certain informality. If you finally decide to watch the series and are left wanting more, I recommend some others.

Zombieland is a film that combines the terror of the zombies with touches of black humor where the walking dead have become a simple joke.

zombies and fun in the same movie

The king of jokes while smashing and riddling bad guys, Deadpool It is an example of a funny movie with a touch of humor in the purest style of Marvel heroes.

Deadpool is a movie that combines black humor with action

The last film recommended for having a certain resemblance to the Happy series is Crack Poison in the blood, this film is from the director of the Happy series, it combines action very well with black touches and very extreme crazy things that will make us enjoy every minute.

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