Simon Berger could call as the portrait painter of the glass when creating portraits with this material. But it is that he does not do it as is, but takes a glass from a window itself and begins to hit it in certain places so that an image of a person is created.

Let’s say you are able to createrte destroying everyday objects and in which he must take all possible care so that his work is completely destroyed. And it is that you have to be very careful in giving those blows to recreate the face of a person.

With a chisel and hammer this artist called Simon Berger quotes us with a work in glass that finished it is more than good. A creative way of understanding destruction, although we do not want to call on the breaking of glass from here and take whatever we want to try to “draw” the face of a friend.

Piece of glass

A work that in detail is difficult to understand the objective, but if we look back and observe it from another perspective, we will begin to draw the features and shapes of a person’s portrait.


Berger has experience with this material and he has used it to create a creative technique that may even be unique. A trained carpenter who started his most creative side with wood to use other materials such as glass.


In your creative process mark those places you don’t want to break and others in which it can hit, although without doing the necessary damage so that it can cause a total break of the piece. You have his website to get to know him more closely.

A glass a little special the one you need by having to hit it and the necessary gaps can be created to compose the final piece. Luke Jerram also uses crystal as a raw material.