How do you live? is the new Studio Ghibli movie, 3 years for 36 minutes


How do you live? it’s the new studio ghibli movie and that it has been in production for 3 years to have 36 minutes of tape. That is, it has taken longer than expected and for this Studio Ghibli has explained the reason.

If we already knew days ago that for the first time we can take a look at the Studio Ghibli Museum from YouTube, Suzuki Toshio, studio producer, has given the explanations for the delay in the production of this new film.

The new movie How Do You Live? by Studio Ghibli it’s being done the old way. We are talking about the fact that each of the frames is being created with each of the images that compose it independently.

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Which leads to the sixty animators need one month to take one minute of footage, so we have 12 minutes per year. So we already have the calculations for the 36 minutes of footage that we have.

According to Toshio the estimate is that they will still need another 3 years to finish How do you live? If we count on that each frame has its different layers and each one contains the different characters, effects and backgrounds and panoramas, we can better understand this artisan work so that 12 minutes of footage are made each year.

As we well know, everything handmade, and more coming from Studio Ghibli, it means excellent finishes and a visual treatment like no other. Not only in the visual, but in the animation that has transcended generations to leave us some of the best films we have ever seen.

And surely each one of those minutes is very worthwhile coming from who it comes from. Now only It is worth us to have the patience to wait another 3 years and have another great Studio Ghibli movie, and knowing the name, we’re sure to like it.

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