How to design t-shirts with Adobe Photoshop and mockups

Design t-shirts with Adobe Photoshop

Everybody has always wanted since always power design your own t-shirts with their coolest and funniest designs and ideas to show everyone how exclusive and original their clothes are, an original way of combining our art with our way of dressing and showing ourselves outside in our day to day life.

Nowadays it is very easy to transport our digital design to a t-shirt, before that the ideal is to be able to see how our design will look, this is very easy to do thanks to our friends mockups, they are without a doubt the best ally of graphic designers because they manage to show in a very real way how a design on a real stand, in this case we will learn to use a mockup of t-shirt.

A mockup it is only one representation of a digital design on a digital medium that imitates a printed result or a medium, with only a few clicks we achieve that our design is captured quickly and easily without having to complicate our lives much we will be able to show our clients how their design will be before being printed, this process is essential to sell ideas to all types of customers because they can see a result closer to reality, closer to the product they want to purchase.

In the middle of the digital age with great progress in economic printing systems and the appearance of a large number of options for print own t-shirts, we can choose to create our own clothes quickly, cheap and original with funny designs or witty phrases.

The first thing we have to do is download the mockup that we want to use, in this case we have downloaded the one that we have marked on this page of graphic design resources. On this page we can download a large number of mockups varied for free to be able to use them in our graphic projects and make customers fall in love.

download mockups of all kinds for your best designs

Once we have our mockup downloaded, the next thing we have to do is open it in Photoshop for later tscrape our design to that mockup.

We open the t-shirt mockup to pass our design

Once we have the mockup open the next thing we have to do is click on the cape marked with red color, this color indicates that the layer is connected to another smart layer that allows us to add our design and that it looks realistically in the digital t-shirt support that we are seeing in the image of our mockup.

If we look closely at the new window that opens, we can add all the layers we want, whether they are image or textIn this case, a single image was added which was adapted to have the specific dimensions and placement in the design.

Add your design to the mockup

The good of the mockups is that we can change the background In this way, the support of our shirt changes color as well, this is ideal to see how our design is in several different colors.

Mockups allow us to change the background color of our supports

To change the background of our file, the first thing we have to do is create a new layer, later we will go to the upper menu of Photoshop and click on edit / fill, A new window will open where we will have to choose an exact color tone.

Fill in the background color of the mockup

Once we have the modified fund to get apply a different color in our mockup, we will have finished the process of working with the mockup of a t-shirt and we can upload the proposal to our social networks to show the world all our creativity.

use the mockups to design your own t-shirts

The use of mockup On a personal level, it is essential since it helps to visualize a digital design in a more realistic way, making the client feel that their design is closer to physical reality. Whenever a client entrusts me with a design in physical format, what I do is use mockups to show them each of the designs.

The mockups they are the magic wand of graphic designers.

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