The drawing those flowers in watercolor has its that, but if they teach you how to follow a few steps to be able to paint them, all the better. This is what this Korean artist does who takes her pencil and brush to show the steps she takes to draw those pretty flowers.

A way to improve pencil and brush skills to begin to capture nature on different canvases or simply on a sheet prepared for watercolors. This artist is Kate Kyehyun Park And, apart from being known for her botanical garden drawings, she has a great passion for teaching and for others to achieve her same results.

On the Instagram page of Kate Kyehyun Park we can find a great series of drawings of plants and flowers of great finish, as well as a good one series of tutorials that teach each of the steps What do you have to give to finish painting those graceful and delicate flowers.

Watercolor in three steps

We talk about what you can learn to paint roses, tulips or cacti, apart from another great series of flowers of all kinds. The truth is that his brushstroke is very delicate and he knows how to give the right touches to capture that imprint of a flower that seems as if its petals were going to fall due to the force of the wind; just like this artist and those thick brush strokes to paint birds.


The best of all is that his tutorials are very simple and clear without much confusion. They consist of three steps that you need to follow in order to draw any flower you want. The initial sketch where the shape is drawn, then the transverse lines and the last drawing with the shape of the petal to finally form the painting and drawing of a flower.


We leave you with your Instagram so that follow her and get to know her closely each of your headlines ready on this social network.