How to export files in Adobe Illustrator in a professional way?

Export assets in Illustrator

Learn how to export files in Adobe Illustrator professionally through a controlled export system where you can select various formats, dimensions and other values ​​so that your exports are more precise, even export multiple files to the same time simultaneously achieving in this way save time in this fundamental process in graphic design.

Exporting a file is always something that we must bear in mind in any graphic project because, as every professional in graphic arts knows, a file on screen is just a file on screen, what matters most is that the design we make is exported correctly to be used on those supports for which it has been designed. It is a process that can be long if we do not know how to carry out this process simultaneously. I will teach you how to export your Illustrator files in a professional way, it is a process that I carry out every day in the publishing world making logos, banners, etc.

When we are going to export a file, what is usually done is to export the files one by one either by selecting a specific element or by exporting a complete artboard in Illustrator, but what happens when we have many files and we want to export them in various qualities or size? This process can be done with Illustrator in a fairly automated way, it is ideal to save time.

Where in the design is this process useful?

This process can be very useful for exporting a logo, as we well know, a corporate image is made up of a large number of graphic versions of the logo where we can find different colors, shapes, finishes, etc. A logo is not always exported in a single resolution but rather it is exported in several resolutions depending on its purpose: if the logo is for the Internet we will use 72dpi and if it is for printing we will use 300dpi, for all this this form of professional export is ideal because it allows us export everything in one go as we will see below.

When we have a lot of loose files in our workspace in Illustrator, all we have to do is drag them to the export zone that we will see now.

Export in Illustrator the professional way

To get the export menu we just have to click on the top of Illustrator window / resource export, click on this window and a new menu will open in the lower left part of our program.

export concurrent files in Illustrator

Then take out the export menu what we have to do is start dragging all the elements we want export simultaneously. If we make a change to the original files, they will automatically be made to the files dragged to the export area, this is perfect because many times we will have to make quick changes to a certain file.

The next thing we have to do to export simultaneously in Illustrator is choose which preferences we want for our files, we will see how the menu allows us to change the escape, resolution, size, format, etc. The most common preferences when exporting a file is: resolution and format; these data manage to change the quality of our export and the format, a necessary value for different media.

Drag the files you want to export simultaneously

Little by little we are exporting our designs using this system that allows us to select all those files that we want to export with several different preferences, we will save a lot of time in this process.

In the part where we place the resources we can change the name of the files to get sort them more precisely and thus avoid getting lost among thousands of files. The ideal is to export according to the work we have on each work table, the process that I carry out is to create several work tables and start exporting them in an organized way.

name the files before exporting them in Illustrator

For example if I have a work table With a corporate image what I do is export only the corporate image, later I export other designs made with that brand but that are not part of the logo, for example, I jointly export the banners and advertising designs created for that brand. Another way is to have different Illustrator files to have the designs that we make more separated.

Whatever our system, the ideal is to save time in all the processes that we can and export simultaneously, saving a lot of time and achieving professional results thanks to the order in which we manage to work with our files.

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