When I started my company I had a big problem, the famous social networks. Why? Because I lacked hours a day to dedicate all the time they deserve.

This topic literally drove me crazy. Because not only did I have to take care of social networks, but I had to work in my company and also all the paperwork that it takes to undertake. In a short period of time, this topic became agony for me. And this could not happen to me, since heSocial networks are one of your company’s showcases to the outside world.

So I made a decision plan my social networks monthly, and I have to tell you that little by little the problem was solved and I managed to turn my problem into fun and that it did not involve a great effort and concern.

How do i do it? Now I tell you.

  • goals. Before starting I mark goals to meet during the month.
  • I study the days. I look at the calendar for the highlighted days to make a publication that I consider outstanding. For example, a holiday, the International day of something, etc. So I create content that can be interesting and that helps me interact with my community.Calendar of the month for social networks
  • Think of possible collaborations for the month. For example, if you are a company dedicated to accessories, you can contact an influencer for a collaboration or a clothing firm to do a collaborative photo session.
  • Stand up that #hastags I’m going to use. And this is important because will help us to make ourselves known and expand our community. One in new each month to reach other communities.
  • Think possible contests, challenges or topics for the month.
  • I always write down the data from last month and make a study of the most prominent publications to try to follow that line.

Think that what you are teaching is your job, so work well and you will see how you succeed.