Iconic designer Milton Glaser passes away at the age of 91

I love New York

The famous graphic designer has passed away at the age of 91. The mythical designer and creator of the famous New York logo left us last Friday on the very day of his birthday.

One of America’s most famous designers and he is well known for that heart logo with the “I love NY”. Designed in 1977 with the idea of ​​promoting New York, it has become a watchword for the New York capital.

Another of the most recognized works of this designer is the poster he made for Bob Dylan in 1967 and in which you can see the silhouette of the well-known musician with a series of variations in his hair color.

Dylan and Milton

Glaser was also the Design Director of New York Magazine and that he co-founded in 1968. And of course, this weekend there have been numerous artists who have left their tribute to the talented creative designer from their Twitter accounts and here we record some of them.

This illustrative heart of his work appears broken in some of the tributes for a designer who left a sample of his knowledge in his classes. As indicated by no of his students: «in one of his classes he told us that you could tell if a client was good or bad how you felt at the end of the day, did you feel with a lot of energy or without it?

We also leave memory of the sketch that illustrated the I Love NY and that makes it clear that the ideas are more important than the finish. An idea can move mountains like the one that was New York thanks to that heart and the “I love you” of Milton Glaser and that from here we also make our particular tribute by honoring his memory and that he has passed through our site on several occasions.

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