The art of the idea

If you are a creative person, you work on something that requires your creativity or you need to constantly generate ideas, you may be interested The art of the idea of John hunt.

The world of ideas, how they arise, where they come from and where they go are very difficult issues to explain but which we have to constantly face if we work in this area of ​​creativity. Many times we can have doubts about whether any idea is valid, how to shape these thoughts that are manifested and above all, know if this idea is worthy of seeing the light.

Fear not !, the book we are going to tell you about pick up perfectly the way an idea can have inside our head and how it can behave outside. The art of the idea of John hunt It is a book that will change your perspective on ideas and that you can keep on your nightstand to consult daily.

Have an idea

«A beautiful and original book. Express that the best way to free ourselves is through the power of ideas »- Nelson Mandela Foundation.

In this book you can find tricks to unleash your creativity, so as not to be afraid to get your most daring ideas and not to share them with others. Having an idea can be trained, there are habits that facilitate the creation of ideas and that you can find in this book. John hunt does a great job of explaining something as subjective as having an idea, it tells us about the damages that sometimes arise when we are creating and about that fear of not knowing if our idea is really good.

Therefore, if you have doubts, insecurities, indecisions and prejudices about your ideas, this book can help you boost your creativity and that you can buy in any physical or online bookstore.