If you are looking for free high quality illustrations, Glaze is the solution


The illustrations go well with certain websites and Glaze is the one who comes to your aid to obtain them for free. A new repository with quality illustrations so that from today you have it in your saved favorites.

Glaze is capable from its website of becoming an almost inexhaustible, albeit finite, source of resources that from today you will need to leave landings pages la mar de chulas or give it that special touch to that pop up that you have put in your ecommerce to attract supporters to your newsletter.

Glaze, from its main page or homepage, allows you to explore between the different categories such as shops and businesses, teamwork, places, technology, travel, health … and many more.


In fact, one of its best facets is the visual art of each of those illustrations and that are distinguished by being very exquisite. That is, they are not the work of amateurs, but of authentic professionals and that they will be perfect, as long as you use them in the right place and at the right time.


They are mostly in flat colors, although their color scheme is very vivid. That is primary colors abound so you can even create an account and log in. It also has a button to contribute your art and thus make yourself known.

When you go to an illustration to download it, you have two options: complete download by paying an amount of euros or free, and that carries a required attribution to the designer. In other words, if you put the artist’s name on the website, you can use the footer for it, you can use them at no cost.

Glaze is a great repository where we find illustrations high quality and that will be used for all kinds of jobs. Don’t miss out on another repository called FreebiesByPeople.

Web link: Glaze

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