Drawing with Fresco

At a Microsoft event a few days ago, the American company announced a preview of what what is Adobe Fresco on the Surface platform. That is, not only is it going to stay on the iPad for the moment, but if you have a Surface, you will be able to enjoy this great AI drawing app.

The idea behind Adobe Fresco is to emulate the same sensations that can be collected when we take a brush in hand and wet the bristles in watercolor and then make a nice wash. That is, we can generate the same stroke thanks to the Artificial Intelligence of Adobe Sensei.

Fresco is able to offer sharp, clean and adjustable vector brushes, versatile and adaptable Photoshop brushes, just like those Brushes “Live” with Adobe Sensei. We’ve all been waiting to be able to use our on-screen finger or a stylus like the Note series S Pen, so that we really have a digital watercolor or oil painting in our hand.

Drawing with Fresco

Microsoft has also left us some other interesting information about its Surface platform. Millions of customers use Creative Cloud on Windows and more than half of Surface Book users use CC. Adobe has been working very starkly with Microsoft to achieve the most natural touch with the pen on the Surface.

We already knew the ins and outs of Adobe Fresco when it was released on the iPad. The only device that you currently have access to this digital tool and with which Adobe wants to face ProCreate, another app for iPad that is like the one to beat in this drawing apps.

Now we wait to know when Adobe Fresco will be released on the Surface platform and that will allow us to get closer to that app to learn about Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence system for its programs in Creative Cloud.