The release of a major update is not always a blessing from the blessed digital god, but which sometimes happens like with macOS Catalina. It is Adobe that is warning its users not to update to that new version of macOS.

And everything seems to be because Lightroom and Photoshop don’t like it nothing Catalina. That is to say, we talk about how they have quite a few usability problems when we are in front of Catalina and we use one of those two Adobe programs.

Apple released macOS Catalina at the beginning of the week and it was Adobe users themselves who reported that Photoshop and Lightroom Classi CC weren’t working as well as expected.


It is right in the support pages of both programs where it is advised that the recent versions of both apps work with macOS 10.15, but they have these compatibility problems. That is if you work with your Mac, don’t even think about updating Catalina while Adobe publishes any fixes.

From both shows, everything seems be that Lightroom is the least affected. We have a bug that does not allow Nikon cameras to detect when it is turned on and the Start Tether Capture command is working. The lens maker profile is also ‘broken’. Adobe intends to fix it by upgrading it from 32bit to 64bit.

It is Photoshop that does have the most problems. At the moment file naming doesn’t work well, so users have to type it manually. A huge number of plugins do not work and the same Lens Profile Creator, being 32bits, also does not work in Catalina since it is 64bits.

So Adobe advises that if you want to stay productive with your Mac and those two programs, it is better to wait for all the problems to be resolved. While you take a look at the new Adobe Fresco app.