Star Wars chairs

If you are a Star Wars fan, you have money left over and you want to convert the patio of your house in a place where Darth Vader would rest the sea of ​​good, do not miss the designs of Kennet Cobonpue.

And is that if we are looking for something original and cinematographic The chairs of this designer are the most original that we have seen for a long time; always looking at it from the perspective of a fan looking for things like that for their home.

Kennet Cobonpue’s main chairs are based on the design of TIE fighters, those ships of the dark side that Darth Vader himself rode one of them in the first Star Wars movies.

Star Wars

As you can see in the photos, it has them in black and whiteAlthough it is very clear which side we are on if we put those “TIE hunting” chairs in our living room or even on the terrace we have.

Kennet Cobonpue is a designedr well recognized from the Philippines which has made a name for itself by using natural materials and experimental design to create unique pieces of interior décor.


Has been working for big companies and this time in Star Wars he was given all the freedom in the world. Not only has he used his conception of design and creativity for those TIE fighters, but he has designed a good number of chairs that would help us to devise the next attack on the Rebels or relax while watching one of the Star Wars movies.


And the price? Well the “Cazas Tie” deck chairs cost $ 2,700 and the Darth Vader chair fetches $ 4,320. Things for the rich and for those who want to break their piggy bank and enjoy like a child to relax lying on those chairs. At least you can create the typographic effect of the last Star Wars.

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