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Adobe Photoshop will go down in the annals of history And for this we already have a museum that shows you its history with what would be its beginnings and even the evolution of the most used design program in the world.

So you can continue their journey from 1990 to the present day in which it has converged in that suite of CC programs and that allow us to access simply magnificent tools each one of them.

Version Museum is an online site that visually shows the history of websites, games, apps and popular operating systems. That is, you can see the evolution of the Internet itself through that software that has made millions know its ins and outs.

Adobe Photoshop

A very striking idea and that as if we were in a real museum, Version Museum tries to visually illustrate some of the elements that have been the guilty parties of what we have in our hands today through a PC or even a mobile device.

Can find Photoshop beginnings and how were its first versions to be a little surprised at how the interface was in those years. The truth is that it is surprising that you could start creating with such a rudimentary interface, but that it gave great results to be the basis for everything that would come later.

Adobe photoshop

An interesting place to know for check as some of the elements of Photoshop They have radically changed such as their logo, the tool bar or the color selection controls. A bit of nostalgia will emerge for some who have lived through this process of change of a program that has changed the landscape of design worldwide.

If we compare it to today in which the beta of Photoshop CC is already being tested for be able to use it on a tablet like Apple’s, we can better understand the enormous evolution of software in a matter of years.