IKEA castle

Who has not made the sofa a castle as a child Or with those cushions and some sheets a whole tent? This is the same idea from IKEA that has published a series of plans so that we can use some of its best-known furniture as a base for those forts, stores and more.

A cool idea from IKEA marketing department and that we collect from here to let you know. In these days of still confinement at home for many, this idea is more than ideal to use the furniture we have in the living room and turn it into those moments of magic with which the little ones have a great time.

Has been IKEA Russia the one who has come up with this great idea with six instruction manuals that will turn a wide variety of furniture into play structures for the little ones in the house.


The Instinct advertising agency is the one that has partnered with IKEA to design these instruction manuals and that are in the style of the same ones that we find when we unpack those boxes that contain the furniture that we assemble ourselves.

We can create from a castle to a play tent or even a whole fortification with the same sofa. In fact we have our own furniture so that we can use it as a basis for these constructions for the little ones. But come on, we can use our own and use that instruction manual to create play structures that often bring the applause of our children.

IKEA already usually surprises us with the most creative proposals how was that font for the sofa and that it allowed us to write our name or give that special touch to a gift on a card. A company that continues to equip itself with the creativity necessary to break into our day to day.