Ok that those medieval book scenes used to depict something more than the scene itself. Because if you take them as is, it may happen that they are more than strange. And this is what this group of students have done, who have represented them by themselves.

All a hoot the one achieved so that those books with bland illustrations and that show how strange those medieval moments seem to us today. In a time when jesters were an important part of a palace, we remain in doubt about the reasons for many of these paintings.

Photographs for no reason that we can find in this experiment carried out carried out by these students from Czechoslovakia depicting the most bizarre scenes found in medieval book illustrations.


Those strange artists who in this way represented the relationships of humans at that time where the church ran freely and the feudal system reigned in the different European nations. A dark age that these guys show so well.

Middle Ages

From that character playing the violin with a maiden turned fully and what a view it really makes us weird why. Perhaps a way to secretly show a message as would happen with established artists who always looked for a way to spread ideas.

We go through these lines to find a moment of calm and a bit of carefreeand those medieval images are not so burdensome and that they seem made from another world that is not ours. Representatives of a society and system in which the printing press would arrive more centuries later and in which verbal communication was the only way to share ideas, thoughts and culture; if you could …

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