Photoshop iPad

We have the first version of the Photoshop experience on the iPad, and the guys at Adobe have told us what are the news that we can expect for the first half of 2020.

A first version already established and that stands out for some characteristics such as the selection of subject or that data in the cloud for quick and easy access from any device. Always talking about the iPad version. Let’s review the news that is to come.

Adobe wants the selection of objects on the iPad with Photoshop be a simple and «smart» experience. We first talked, for the first half of 2020, about “Refined Edges” and that it would reach this version. An essential tool for designers in Photoshop and we will have it very soon.

We can also count on curves and layer adjustment options. On the one hand, the integration of Curves for tonal adjustments and Levels to be able to leave the color range as we want and more.

Refine Edge

Think about how you can use one of the most popular features of Adobe Fresco: the sensitivity of the brush. At the same time that we can rotate the canvas to find the perfect position for any angle.

Adobe also has another novelty for Photoshop on the iPad and this is the Lightroom integration. The goal is to supply a complete integration of Lightroom workflows and Photoshop on the iPad. And for this, both the Photoshop and Lightroom teams are already beginning to work together. The end user will be able to process raw images in premium Lightroom on their iPad and bring them into Photoshop.

A 2020 that looks very intense to the guys at Adobe and that Photoshop which will add integers to give more of itself. It will take some time to be a more complete Photoshop.