▷ 5 principles to catch the attention of your prospect and retain him

You too have noticed it if you’ve been traveling the web like me for a few years. Every day new content creators are launching themselves to reap their pieces of the pie. Every day new videos are posted, blogs are created and podcasts listened to. How to stand out in this crowd?

Every day, content creators try to make themselves known and grab the attention of their audience.

The only thing is, we ALL need to share our content to make ourselves known.

And there are people now on the market, between the 7 year old kid who shares his Call of Duty videos and proves to you that he is much better than you at installing Photoshop for free, the creator who collects the gold and the glory of the platform and made thousands of views, all new, and you.

That’s a lot of people … Worse, it’s a real war.

Yes, we are at War.

At war to get people’s attention.

And the juggernaut who has won the day for a few years in this war, no matter your theme, no matter how hard you may give yourself, no matter what platform you use, he remains unassailable.

Because he understood well what works today, it is Netflix… (Yes, it is not always what one thinks…).

Instead of watching your videos, reading your emails (or even sleeping !!), your client is watching the new season of La Casa de Papel. He has his attention completely stuck on his series (we’ll see in detail how they get there), and maybe you too have already had sleepless nights.

We are at war friend.

All content creators and artists of modern times are affected by this phenomenon and must equip themselves with the courage to lead their battle and hope to conquer a territory large enough to feed their ambition and their hope for freedom …

Get ready, sailor, because what we’re going to see today is bar gold.

5 principles that will catch your prospect’s attention and retain them thanks to your content

What drives people crazy, what scoops them up and keeps them going all the way, is a combination of several principles.

Yes I will never talk to you about technique, because you have no time to waste training yourself every 4 moons on new algorithms, the principles are eternal and the best investment you can make in terms of knowledge for your business .

Why can you spend so much time at the movies?

Reading a book of several hundred pages?

To prefer watching netflix rather than sleeping!

What is the secret recipe that all the best content creators keep in the vault to make so many bestsellers (the last alone was enough to screw over 65 million people…)?

1- They use distraction

You have a good time on the content, it allows you to occupy yourself and pass the time.

It’s the BABA of good content. Content that distracts is content where you don’t get bored.

Man needs distraction, because boredom is a horrible enemy to fight.

Think of your content as food.

We all need to eat, just like we all need to be distracted. And we are ready to pay a lot to eat well just as we are ready to pay a lot to be distracted (Netflix subscription, cinema…).

For information, in the first quarter of 2019, Netflix achieved a turnover of 4.52 billion dollars. In 2020, with containment, the platform reached more than 5.8 billion.

People are bored and want to be distracted even if it means paying for it.

In the days of kings, there was indeed the “king’s jester”, troubadours, to distract them, to sing, or to get beaten up. In short one way or another, they distract their audience, it was their core business.

Since I think you don’t want to get beaten up, let’s move on to the other points to see the ingredients that are the source of content that will keep your prospect sleeping.

2- The best known and the most neglected

It’s about writing stories. This is by far the best way to make your reader loyal and hook them until the end.

The troubadours counted the stories of war from kingdom to kingdom. And to distract their audience, they sang them (Distraction + story).


What we don’t tell you is that a beautiful, entertaining story is not enough (otherwise the Harry Potter saga would not only be the 5th best-selling book in the world).

The most watched, the most viewed, the best selling content of all time, the ones that are on the podium and really stand out, have a few things in particular.

And if you manage to understand this concept and apply it in your content, expect to see your content highlighted by the platforms so people stay hooked, even if you didn’t do it on purpose …

You understood it, it is the 3rd principle.

3- Evangelize its content

During my research, I was interested in the unbeatable books, those that brought in the most sales, those that caught the most people.

In the Best Selling Books category in history:

  • Number 1 is the Bible (over 4 billion copies);
  • In Second position Le Coran (more than 3 billion copies);
  • And the last of the podium has not even sold ⅓ of the second with 800 million copies …

I reassure you, we are not going to talk about religion, but rather persuasion with our marketing buddy.

And we must ask ourselves a question …

Why are these two top selling religious books?

Not because they’ve been around for a long time.


Because they meet a need. The need to belong.

On Maslow’s pyramid, it is the 3rd need after the basic needs which are: food and shelter.

BEST SELLERS content has followers.

They bring together a group around the same beliefs expressed in their content. Places of worship are sometimes built and named to strengthen the bonds between the members of the group.

This is the real strength of the world’s best-selling content.

They have the power to bring together the faithful.

Harry Potter also has followers (but much less than the 2 religious works, which explains its 5th place). We all have someone around us who is really a fan of Harry Potters, who has read all the books and even in several languages.

Harry Potter also has his places of worship, a fan worth his salt already has or plans to go to London and trample the reconstruction of Diagon Alley and buy a wand in Ollivander’s shop.

To sum up so far:

Good content tells a fun, never-boring story that embodies values ​​(by the content creator), to unite people (meets Maslow’s 3rd needs).

You must then ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the main values ​​of your content? From your story?
  • Are they sufficiently visible in your content?

(You will never see Harry abandon his friends, it is not in his values).

Now that we are between us and that we have scared all the tourists away (1266 words later), there is one essential thing to take into account that no one has told you about so far, and which answers the logical question who you are certainly asking yourself: how to build your group?

4) To retain your members, you must feed their pride

This point, it is downright counter-intuitive …

And it is by far one of the most important (even if the last one remains the must to do in your content).

(5 lines a little boring to understand).

As the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) study on the subject points out:

“Prehistoric man had to become appreciable in the eyes of the members of his community in order to receive help when needed. “

To adopt the best behaviors valued by the group, we need a means of measurement allowing us to guide us in our choices and ways of acting.

And this sense of pride is an internal reward that guides us towards these actions.

It would be a motivational system that would encourage taking into account the consideration of others.

(It’s finish)

So :

It is a pride for Harry Potter fans to have read ALL the books. This makes it possible to recognize the members of the tribe.

It’s the same for us marketers.

Who among us has never heard or even read the 4H week.

Other examples.

What marketer, copywriter worth his salt has never heard of or read the works of Gary Albert (possibly the best copywriter of all time).

5) The principle that stuck more than 64 million people alone

Netflix’s most watched series has practically exploited THIS ONE PRINCIPLE and shattered all records.

Stranger Things (source: NY Times)

(maybe you followed him too)

Obviously it contains the other 4 principles, but it has squarely supported the mushroom on this 5th principle.

It’s using the plot.

Focus on curiosity (I made a video based on that whose average watch time is more than 50% of the video. You can watch here, it is unlisted, that means that only you now can see it.)

To make your reader wonder “WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN GOD’S NAME!” ”

Series use this principle very well to make you spend hours in front of your screen and chain episodes.

This principle is explained by the simple fact that we do not like misunderstandings, and by our natural impulse to want to seek the truth.

If you want your audience to stay glued to your content, I invite you to arouse curiosity as much as possible.

BONUS: A little reminder (no beetle stings)

Since this is my first article on Webmarketing & Co’m, I want to remind you, which is extremely important.

Good content is not necessarily content that you think is good (even if it can radically help your audience).

If we take the cinema. A cinematographic “good content” would be a film bringing together the most talented actors, it would have prestigious awards and would be produced by a big name in cinema.


When we look at the last film that received the “GRAND PRIX” of the Cane Festival, in this case: “Atlantique” by Mati Diop

(Maybe you too have just discovered Mati Diop)

We see that he only made 100,000 entries in all (100,000 views on YouTube would be huge, but for the cinema, it is peanuts).

And when you compare it to a very nagging film, without subtlety with a ton of special effects. Well, he gets slaughtered… plus 6,683,415 spectators for the last Avengers…

(long live iron man)

What does this tell us?

“Good content” is content that the audience WANTS TO LOOK.

Remember it. And the best way to make great content and use those principles, it’s to know your prospect better than his mom.

And then you’re going to say thank you for the maximum advice, but how do I do that?

Don’t panic, I wrote an article on the subject with a little something for you at the end if you want to go further.

See you soon.

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