▷ An influencer marketing campaign to raise awareness of ethical consumption

Today, individuals are increasingly aware of the impact of their consumption on the environment and wish to consume better. Despite this, some business operations, such as Black Friday, are poles apart and continue to advocate unreasonable consumption. Fortunately, brands are also taking the opposite view by offering local and sustainable consumption. On the occasion of the Black Out Friday, Camif in collaboration with Reech, an expert company in Influence Marketing, organized a campaign encouraging people to consume less but better…

The context of the campaign

Camif, a brand of home equipment, advocates sustainable consumption with furniture produced locally and designed to last. For 3 years, the brand has been opposed to Black Friday causing many unnecessary purchases and a consequent impact on the environment.

During the last Black Friday, to mark the spirits even more, the company joined forces with influencers with values ​​turned towards ethical consumption.

To orchestrate the campaign, Camif called on Reech with whom she had already collaborated.

Indeed, Camif had already had the opportunity to work with Reech for a first consumer awareness campaign thanks to influencers. Thanks to its technology, Reech was able to identify influencers in line with the brand’s values ​​in order to offer them content to feed Camif’s social networks and product sheets.

3 influencers were also selected to promote the brand’s responsible and made in France products.

Results of this first campaign : a peak in traffic on the site, + 336% of consultations of the products selected by the influencers and 102 additions to the cart.

After this first success, Camif renewed its operations with Reech and entrusted it with anti Black Friday campaign.

The # JeMeDeconnectePourLaPlanète campaign

The campaign was intended to make an impression so that a greater number of people dedicate this day to actions in favor of the planet rather than to purchases.

For this awareness campaign, Reech selected 22 Instagram influencers with ethical and responsible profiles including Hugo Decrypte, Les Astuces de Margaux and You Make Fashion (Audience of 1.5 million followers between them).

A week before Black Friday, the influencers explained to their respective audiences on Youtube and Instagram the outlines of their collaboration with Camif and the reasons for their commitment to his side.

On D-Day, in addition to the closure of the site, all the influencers closed their social accounts and only posted a blue monochrome image with the hashtag # JeMeDeconnectePourLaPlanète to challenge and show their support for the movement.

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Campaign results

With 68 publications posted on the social accounts of the 23 activated influencers, the results were there:

  • 2.4 million impressions;
  • 70,000 Instagram engagements:
  • 300,000 Youtube views.

The brand also gained 1,100 subscribers and the operation was spontaneously relayed to various celebrity accounts who also played along. This is the case with Joey Starr, for example.

For this campaign led from A to Z by Reech, the brand tech activated its technology throughout the process to identify, activate and monitor the results. The creative device was also developed by the Reech teams.

To learn more about Reech, I invite you to visit their site.

Article written in collaboration with Reech

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