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December and the unmissable end-of-year celebrations. Christmas markets are flourishing everywhere, santons are once again taking over the surroundings of fir trees, and postmen are crumbling under greeting cards. Wishes, for some a chore, from which it is (unfortunately) impossible to waive and for others the opportunity to heal their image and get closer to their customers …

The wishes, a unique opportunity to stand out

Tradition or creativity, the choice is yours?
Tradition or creativity, the choice is yours?

I always talk to you about writing optimized for the web, the rules to follow to boost your SEO,…, and even when you write your end-of-year greetings, you should always keep these instructions in a small corner of your head.

However, with these essential missives, you might as well adhere to certain rules, which will make your messages more impactful.

Paper or email, how to send your wishes?

What do you prefer ? Open your mailbox knowing in advance that you have 15,000 messages, two-thirds of which will end up in the trash without having been opened or discover a personalized greeting card left by the postman? I’ll let you answer this question but know that your recipients have the same reasoning as you …

Good health for everyone?

Even your worst enemy, you are not going to wish slow agony. Obviously, you must show your attachment to the personal, professional and social success of each of your recipients and wish them good health.

But frankly, the “Happy New Year and good health” or the very evolved (sic!) ” All our best wishes for this new year ”And not all variations allow you to personalize your message.

Take the opportunity to reach as many prospects as possible
Take the opportunity to reach as many prospects as possible

The editor advises you to favor the form

Web editor, I must (in theory) bet on the predominance of writing. And yet in these circumstances, I see myself constrained to advise you to put the package on the form. Whether you choose email or the traditional card, treat it very carefully. A visual design, aesthetic, traditional, humorous, erotic, … it doesn’t matter but this visual will be at the origin of the decision of your recipient: impactful and nice, your visual will be kept for weeks, months or even years for them. more successful. Creative and neat, your support will be kept for a few days in the best case. Sloppy and copied on the traditional models, your support will not exceed one hour of life….

As you must also respect tradition, take advantage of this visual for the essential message “Happy New Year 2015” … Such banality goes better on the card or on the e-mail itself than in the small text that then you are about to write.

What meaning should you give to your greeting card?

All year round, you work on your web writing to encourage your readers to take action, and writing your end-of-year message is no exception to this rule. Only the nature of the action changes here. You are not going to sell a service or a product, but you want your recipient to remember you: who are you? What are you offering? How can he contact you? …. In short, he can call on you in case of need.

To achieve this you only have a few lines (do you like reading a greeting card, which looks like a real sales pitch on 3 pages?) So you might as well take care of them.

Personalize your message

Tailor the message to your target. You will write differently depending on whether you are talking to your suppliers or your most important customer. For cards addressed to your customers, the tone will be different if your customers are purchasing managers or private individuals. Use humor with caution in some cases and be bold in others.

Stay true to your identity and make your readers dream
Stay true to your identity and make your readers dream

Choose your list of recipients

The question arises with more force in this era of hyper communication. Do you plan to send only a card to your customers and an e-mail to your suppliers? Do you aspire to be remembered in the memory of all visitors to your site or store? And your employees, what fate do you have in store for them? … .Adopt a communication strategy that reflects your company, respecting your philosophy, your desires but also your budget (yes, Santa Claus rarely extends communication budgets).

1.2.3 go, it’s your turn !!!

All you have to do is apply these few tips, while staying true to your own beliefs and preferences. As you will have understood, this post mainly aims to make you aware that a greeting card cannot be prepared in 2 minutes on the corner of a table but that it must be part of your communication strategy and prepare well in advance.

And you, what is the greeting card that you would like to receive or that you would like to write?

Our client, Father Christmas himself, urgently sends us this message to your keyboards to win your Christmas 2015 greeting card.

Dear Éric Redaction,

Thank you for all the letters you write to us for the little children.

It’s our turn to please you, and since Christmas is fast approaching and the fateful date of 12/25 is approaching, we will slip into our hood the text of the greeting card of 2512th comment on your article.

The sender of this 2512th message will thus be guaranteed a great gift idea for Christmas 2015. Until then, wear yourself well and be good.

Santa Claus

Take part in the competition before attacking the log ...
Take part in the competition before attacking the log …

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