▷ The web editor, center of gravity of web marketing forces?

In your online marketing strategy, are you wondering what the place of the web copywriter can be? Should we call on him on an ad hoc basis or on a regular basis? Does he have the skills to understand and master the different trends in current web marketing?

His profession and his skills are evolving just as much as the digital world. Many qualitative trainings are emerging and make web writing adaptive and creative. What if we told you that some web editors are also professional bloggers, community managers, SEOs, web entrepreneurs and Youtubers! That says a lot about their incredible versatility.

Webmarketing trends 2020

With constantly evolving content marketing, almost monthly changes in social networks and changes in search (Google), it takes a lot of energy to adapt! Not to mention the consistency to be maintained because of the fierce competition.

Applying a web marketing strategy is difficult because what worked yesterday will probably not work tomorrow!

Let’s also talk about the big changes in blogging, e-commerce and social advertising.

But you are not alone.

A versatile and responsive web editor is waiting for you somewhere. It can be at the heart of your strategy.

Here are some important points concerning the changes underway in this “magnetic field of web marketing”:

  • Decrease in the importance of strategies based on keywords without taking into account the semantic field (updates BERT, RankBrain);
  • Emphasis on natural language: the written and oral expression of a human;
  • Artificial intelligence that captures the research intention hence the importance of writing in a natural way (UX or user experience);
  • Mutation of search engines into response engines (featured snippet or position 0);
  • Conversational queries, developing voice assistants: Siri, Ok Google, Alexa;
  • Explosion of mobile content which is used by 47% of the world population (source Danilo Duchesnes, Digital marketing trends in 2020);
  • Development of micro content that is quick to consume (posts, carousels, quotes, infographics);
  • Exponentially increasing social media (Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn);
  • Increasingly influential video format;
  • Search by image to take into account.

Everything moves, everything changes. The editor must be in contact with all these new specialties and master them.

A physical and real presence of the freelance web editor

What can the copywriter’s job be within major developments in web marketing?

Do you already work with a community manager? Do you entrust SEO to your webmaster? Do you delegate to an agency that is (very) expensive, without knowing the people who work on your site? Do you use copywriters’ platforms on an ad hoc basis?

The first advantage of working with a freelance web copywriter is to deal with a human who can listen to you, hear your positioning, note your needs and offer you his solutions. He is available and easily reachable. A little real to compensate for the virtual.

The pillars of natural referencing: the field of expertise of the web editor +++

Even if the evolutions do not seem to be in favor of natural referencing, it cannot disappear and depending on your theme, it remains very important.

Indeed, zero positions meet small needs and provide ad hoc responses (often informative) but we can reasonably think that quality sites, which provide real solutions do not only need to appear as featured snippets. Indeed the prospect will go whatever happens to click on the site which can help him and guide him in his progress.

Thus, natural referencing must be worked on, it remains a sustainable value over the long term and is based on:

  • The strategy ;
  • The technique ;
  • The contents ;
  • Popularity ;
  • The follow-up.

These are the subdomains of SEO that quality SEO web copywriters master (when they have been specifically trained in SEO and are therefore +++ copywriters).

The skills of the writer and his strength of proposal

Regardless of their textual skills (mastery of the language, spelling, rich lexicon, mastery of writing tools, software and interfaces), a writer who is trained in natural referencing can help you:

  • Define, clarify or strengthen your strategy, thanks to an exhaustive and qualitative study of your keywords;
  • Optimize your content using html markup, photo descriptions, creating meta descriptions, etc.
  • Create truly captivating articles thanks to its mastery of language, lexical quality, semantic field and the power of evocation of powerful words;
  • Avoid duplicate content.

Beyond the SEO side, copywriters, depending on their experience and training, can also be important allies for:

  • Write your impactful sales pages;
  • Improve your sales funnels and your customer journey;
  • Help you grow your list by writing an exciting ebook;
  • Write qualitative messages on your networks;
  • Develop your brand image through storytelling.

No more robotic articles, filled with visible and repetitive keywords! The trend is towards quality and diversity, to mastering the elements that make the user have a good experience. It learns things, does not hurt the eyes while reading (thanks to airy texts) and stays on your pages for a long time. This positively impacts your bounce rate and your visitor’s experience.

Finally, when it comes to monitoring your performance and audience indicators, the SEO copywriter takes care of it. It guides you over time if you trust them because, as you know, SEO follows a fairly long orbit.

However, at the same time, he will know how to create the content that can help you develop faster traffic: guest articles, texts for your advertisements, training courses, infographics, newsletters, etc.

A detective with auditing eyes!

You have probably already ordered texts from editors who sent you questions to clarify your expectations.

It may sound annoying, but it’s still pretty normal.

The briefing (list of instructions to follow for the creation of content) asks you for a meta-reflection on your objectives and your positioning.

This reflection is essential but takes time if you want to optimize your editorial content, especially on your blogs. Are you clear on your goals?

The SEO web editor, after an audit of your editorial content, will know how to orient your publications and define the main lines of your business.

He will be guided by his professional tools (Ranxplorer, Semrush) but also by his knowledge of search engines and his varied experience with his various clients. Its strength of proposal will allow a constructive exchange.

A specialist in long articles?

It types at lightning speed and makes no spelling mistakes. It can produce a lot of content, which Google likes.

The SEO copywriter is an expert in creating editorial content, whether short (product sheet, newsletters, optimized descriptions of images) or long (blog articles, e-book, guides).

It boosts your content marketing in quantity and quality.

A major asset: transformation and reuse of your key content

A web editor can adapt your content to different channels and media and help you reuse it.

It can also create micro-content from a basic block or “pillar content”, in order to share the publications on the different communication media of which you are a follower.

For example, an optimized blog post could, once written, be adapted by:

  • Native article on LinkedIn in several episodes;
  • Script for an audio recording (podcast);
  • Script for a video to be shot in front of the camera;
  • Written description of your short videos (one tip per Story);
  • Graphic or infographic with specific phrases;
  • Etc.

The list could go on and on. All content needs words and writing. Search engines can’t analyze audio as well!

Capture the prospect’s attention: maximize entry points

Cutting out pillar content seems quite important to capture the attention of prospects on as many entry points as possible (eg a blog, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.).

We are talking about 7 to 15 entry points to hope to sufficiently capture the attention of the future customer!

So there is a lot of work to be done.

Regularity and adaptability are essential.

Clearly, it seems complicated to do everything alone! And you are aware of it.

Recruiting a copywriter, an SEO consultant, a community manager, a webmaster, that makes a lot of people in a team, while a competent web +++ writer can be at the heart of your strategy.

You can come and visit my site if you feel like it. I train these versatile writers (the name Editor +++ comes from there).

Interactive content

Digital marketing is no longer a passive creation of content while waiting for the fish to bite the hook.

It’s about exchanging, sharing or even debating, but also playing with your audience!

Who is better placed than a writing professional to interact with undecided prospects but open to teaching!

It will be able to help you set up a quiz, a contest, surveys, whether on your networks (news feed or stories) your blogs or your advertisements.

Video and podcasts need texts!

Video is ubiquitous in today’s web marketing world. We are also witnessing the development of TV channels on the networks: IGTV, Facebook Live, Facebook Watch.

Let’s not forget the YouTube juggernaut, which needs optimized texts to better position you on its huge search engine (the second in the world after Google!).

As for the podcast, it has become very interesting again for some time and will be enhanced with a transcribed article (if it has not already been created from an existing publication).

Voice SEO: glory in the long tail

We are witnessing a very significant development of voice assistants (Cortana from Microsoft, Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, Google assistant).

Indeed, more and more Internet users are doing their research by voice, hence the importance of placing short sentences close to oral language in your content. But also to process long-tail requests.

For example, if your subject talks about market gardening, an SEO consultant web writer would suggest:

  • The advantages of organic market gardening;
  • Market gardening in Occitania;
  • Market gardening in winter, in summer…;
  • Organic market gardening in summer in Occitania;
  • Etc.

Noisy overexposure vs targeted presence?

Thanks to his extensive skills in digital marketing, the web editor guides you towards “fair targeted exposure”.

It detects your lines of force and uses it to create an editorial calendar, based on a content audit of your blog and allows you to develop and strengthen your areas of performance!

Indeed, as we have mentioned, the challenge is to create value by being at the limit of the saturation of a subject.

The more you have dealt with variants, queries, long-tail keywords, the more you will be valued by the algorithms in view of current (and future) trends.

The more fairly you will be present on many platforms, the more prospects you will have in front of you and therefore potential customers.

Center of gravitation. Digital balancing act. Through the power of words, the copywriter attracts the creation of quality content.

The SEO web copywriter will not realize all your dreams, but will gradually place you in a precise and sharp internet visibility, thanks to his multi-skills, his adaptability, his SEO watch and thanks to the power of words.

He will know how to stick as well as possible to the values ​​which are yours.

A new invisible influencer?

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