▷ What are the differences between a web editor and a copywriter?

Besides the fact that web copywriter and copywriter both write on the internet, their jobs are quite different. Yet, it is not uncommon to see these terms used as synonyms. If their skills are complementary, the objectives are not the same and real differences separate a web editor from a copywriter …

What is a web editor?

Let’s start with the beginning : the definition of these two professions. This will then help us to see more clearly about their distinctions.

The web editor is an artisan of content marketing

The web editor is a content marketing expert with a strong general knowledge. It has a feather sharp, with of course the mastery of the language French that goes with it. He is also endowed with a good knowledge of marketing and SEO (natural referencing on search engines). It is these complementary and essential skills that help him to address a specific target in his writing style, and to reference his content on search engines.

But contrary to a misconception that was confirmed a few years ago, the content, in particular the articles written by the web editor, does not have the main objective of being referenced by Google.

No, the web editor does not write just for SEO

SEO and its keywords is a priority, but it is no longer the priority: the main goal of web writing (sometimes still called SEO writing) is tobring value to a specific audience, in order to gain trust in a brand, and to convert visitors into customers in the medium term.

In short, the priority of writing web content is above all to produce quality content.

The creation of written content on the internet responds to specific business challenges: increasing the notoriety of a brand, increase its visibility on the web, improve reputation, strengthen his picture… all to generate leads qualified and acquire clients through theinbound marketing.

Bringing value rather than trying to sell, this is the goal of web writing

The web editor therefore does not aim to sell directly in his content., except maybe in the CTAs (calls to action) arranged cleverly in the article. He writes to create value, answer the questions of a target audience and sincerely help real humans: writing hollow, bland and over-optimized SEO texts is therefore of no interest. Keyword stuffing is thus penalized by search engines.

This is also the main difference from the copywriter, who writes mainly to persuade, push to action and encourage the act of buying. A web copywriter writes articles, newsletters or white papers, while a copywriter writes landing pages, sales emails or advertisements.

What is a copywriter?

The copywriter is a more recent profession than the web editor. Well, under that term, at least… because the copywriter used to be called copywriter. He mainly operated as a marketing and communication agency. Its goal ? Finding the right words for effective advertising.

The copywriter is a highly sought after word magician for his ability to sell

Today, the rating of copywriters is skyrocketing and the profession is starting to gain recognition from the general public, even if some people still confuse copywriting and copyrighting when it has absolutely no relation, if not pronunciation!

The copywriter helps brands attract their customers. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to persuasive writing, this increasingly sought-after skill turns texts into powerful business contributors.

A marketing expert… or a sales expert?

Total ownership of marketing, an excellentadaptation and a good dose of creativity are the copywriter’s best allies. To be able to hit his target right in the heart, he must aim right.

And for that, nothing like knowing your target perfectly, and adapting your words according to the voice of the brand for which you are writing.

The purpose of copywriting is to encourage people to do a particular action : subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product, click on a link, etc.

Often, copywriting is also associated with sales more than marketing, because it is exactly his job: to sell, as a salesperson would, but in writing.

Synthesize: what makes the web editor different from the copywriter?

6 major differences between web copywriter and copywriter

To put it simply, we can distinguish the professions of web writing and copywriting in 5 key points:

  1. The web copywriter writes to add value, inform and help his reader, while the copywriter writes to sell and to persuade his reader;
  2. The web copywriter works on a long-term content strategy, because the conversion process and the customer journey can take several months, while the copywriter aims for immediate action (especially by playing with the feeling of urgency);
  3. The web copywriter includes a significant amount of research work in his writing, in order to provide exhaustive, fair and appropriate elements to an audience looking for answers, the copywriter must above all know his target, his brand and his product;
  4. The web copywriter gives a main objective to each content, for example branding, authority, SEO or conversion, while the copywriter has only one objective: to push to action;
  5. The web editor works on articles, social media posts or ebooks, the copywriter works almost exclusively on website pages and emails;
  6. Writing content cannot be improvised, neither in copywriting, nor in web writing.

5 points of convergence between web writing and copywriting

If certain elements oppose these disciplines, others bring them together, this is what can lead to their confusion:

  1. These professionals write on the internet for companies;
  2. Absolute mastery of language, grammar, syntax and style is essential;
  3. We write for a target well defined in advance, we know what message our pen is imprinted with;
  4. The web copywriter needs to be comfortable with copywriting to write punchy headlines, catchy introductions and persuasive CTAs;
  5. The copywriter tells stories, presents arguments and states problems that his solution solves, but he must also know how to bring information into his text to be credible and relevant, like the web editor.

The jobs of web editor and copywriter are therefore similar in some aspects, but very different in others. Do not confuse them anymore, even if some people have both hats it is important to distinguish them!

Clarification : you can imagine that there are as many web editors as web editors, if not more… if the term is only used in the masculine, it is only to facilitate reading. Everything that is said in this article applies to both men and women who practice web writing and copywriting.

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