▷ Why should we stop traditional marketing?

If I tell you that 90% of customers want to have a more personal relationship with brands, it seems coherent to you, doesn’t it? And yet, you are few companies to comply with this consumer desire…

Think customer instead of product

If you wish to register for this and score points, you will need to hand in the human at the center. A client is not just a B2B or a B2C. It is above all a person who, as a human being, wants to discuss, to have a relationship with you, to shop with a clear conscience. Because yes, today’s customer is no longer yesterday’s customer: he wants to buy with full knowledge of the facts.

This is why your marketing must be based on the client knowledge rather than product knowledge. Change the direction finder, more autofocuseverything must starting from the customer’s need. Do not answer the question ” to whom I can sell my product ? “? but to ? why would my product be suitable for this type of customer? ». Listening, exchange and analysis will therefore be the order of the day.

Know your customer

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What’s great about digital is that it makes these exchanges easier. And thanks to ‘the web’ (expression of my mum 😅), your personal branding will be tenfold. So what to do on this web? Well, first of all, get away from the old marketing approach:

  • The product;
  • The price;
  • The place (of distribution) ;
  • Promotion (communication).

And replace it with:

  • People;
  • The promise;
  • The why.

If you offer a product or service, it is good/useful. So rather than boasting about its qualities, talk about what’s going to change for your client that’s the promise.

The why is complementary to the promise: why will your customers need this product? What will it change in their lives? In their environment?

Digital will allow you to be as close as possible to your customers. of the people you want to target. If you know what they need, you’ll hit the nail on the head. As long as these future customers can find you online. That’s where your blog comes in.

The blog: your best ally

  • You know your customers well;
  • You have a useful product to offer them;
  • You’ve realized that mere publicity won’t convince them thoroughly.

Now it’s time to talk aboutinbound marketing. Declining a content strategy will allow you toattract readersand then the convert smoothly as customers.

For your blog to be effective, make sure you offer content that corresponds to the different stages of your customers’ thinking. You don’t get up in the morning with a desire to buy a new mobile phone, there will be different stages before you go to the store or order it online. Propose content for each of these steps:

  1. The person is not aware of his need/problem;
  2. She identified her need, but she couldn’t find any Answer ;
  3. She’s identified her need and an answer, but don’t you knows no ;
  4. She has identified her need and an answer, but she doesn’t know if you’ll be a appropriate provider ;
  5. She has identified her need and an answer, she knows what you do, and decides to do business with you.

And to make your content attractive, you can use the AIDA method :

  • A as in Attention Draw your reader’s attention by talking about them and their needs;
  • I as in Interest Show him what is possible with your product/service;
  • D as in Desire : Prove to him that you will satisfy him;
  • A as in Act Talk about your experience and show what will change with your product/service.

Blog articles, infographics or tutorial videos, you don’t need to create/publish them every day, but plan to do it regularly. What’s that for?

  1. Because Internet users are looking for peripheral information (Why use such a service? How to prepare the ground? What are the possible options? What are the rates? What techniques can be used?) By answering their questions, you will prove your expertise and put them in trust ;
  2. Because Google will appreciate that you put new content on your site on a regular basis, and it will get you higher in the search results than your competitors who will not make this effort.

As I always say, your site has to be your best salesman. So use your blog as a prospect magnet. But you still need visitors to flock to it.

Your customers are in different places

So yes, with your blog, you’ll score points on the side of the natural referencing. But you won’t have to be satisfied with that. Keep in mind that in digital matters, the uses are neither unique nor similar. Some of your prospects will be Facebook fans, others will like newsletters, some will swear by Google… You need to distribute your content where your customers are connected. And there will inevitably be multiple channels.

For each blog article you publish, you will have to relay it to other media. Choose it or the social networking sites the most relevant/significant and do not neglect the channel emailing it is still the most efficient and profitable! So tempting that it is a personalized minimum.

The final word? With traditional marketing, you set the pace, whether your client likes it or not. And you play on the short term. Inbound is permissive Your customer follows his path and you are present at every step of his buying journey. Thus, you play on the means, or even the long hauland you put the customer at the center your concerns. CQFD.

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