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Today, promoting a company or a product goes through different stages and uses different means. Indeed, owning a website is far from being enough to sell and assert oneself online. You will need much more than a website no matter how unique, design or functional yours is. To complete the creation of your website, there is webmarketing. To function without an adequate webmarketing strategy is simply to make you realize that no one will ever talk about you and to accept anonymity for you and your business.

Webmarketing is based on the use of different strategies and tools in order to offer you the visibility you are surely looking for. There is a plethora of strategies and tools that can be used in the field of webmarketing. Discover them here.

Webmarketing: 4 possible strategies to implement

The web marketing strategy can be defined as an element that is part of the general strategy of a company. Its purpose is to align your company’s marketing strategy with the specificities and new challenges or tools of the digital world. The offer, the blog, natural referencing (SEO) and social networks are some of the strategies that we will discover without further delay.

Clearly define an offer

Defining an offer may seem simple and obvious, but it is not. Indeed, many companies are unable to send a clear message defining the offer they are proposing. It is important that the customer can understand the service or the good you are offering without having to search too hard. In order to offer your customers goods and services that they will buy without thinking, it is important to know them well: age range, expectations, tastes, etc. To do so, it is important to communicate adequately with your customers and future customers in order to propose offers tailored to each type of profile.

The creation of blogs

Deciding to invest in the creation of a blog for your company is a sure way to improve your entire marketing strategy. Creating a blog and keeping it active, especially for a sales site, is very time consuming but brings a significant return on investment. The blog is essential to create a community around your business. It is done at a low cost and is an excellent way to create links that will ensure a good positioning of certain pages of your online store. Finally, with a blog, you will be able to gain the trust of Internet users more easily since everyone needs to be reassured before any purchase. So write interesting articles worthy of a detour!

Natural referencing

Also known as “SEO”, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques whose goal is to increase your visibility on the major search engines. How does natural referencing work? Well, note that SEO works at two different levels: on your online store and outside of it.

Internally, the adequacy of the contents of your page to the searches made by Internet users is the main factor that will allow you to be positioned at the top of the list when a search result on Google. Externally, Google, through popularity surveys, will get an image of your company and will decide whether or not to trust you. Thus, the more you will be known and mentioned from links on other pages, the more confidence you will inspire for a better chance of being positioned at the top of the list of search results on Google. A foolproof technique to improve the natural referencing of your company is to position keywords related to your activity and the needs of Internet users. For example, an agency like Baobab on the Hill can help you optimize your SEO strategy.

Take advantage of social networks

Social networks represent a real windfall to be exploited as best as possible. They are a sure way to increase the number of people interested in your business and your offer. The only rule of thumb is to think carefully before you start, since it is important for your image and that of your business to take good care of all your pages. Here, the rule that prevails is the all or nothing rule. Either you’re not in it, or you’re in it all the way. Note that each social network has its own particularity that it is essential to know before venturing into it. Here are a few examples of the best known networks:

  • Instagram it is the network par excellence of the image. Thanks to Instagram, you will be able to share with your community the smallest details of your business in images. Create hashtags, post souvenirs and above all, have fun!
  • YouTube You probably like to spend hours on this network visiting channels, discovering tips and tricks and so on, but did you know that YouTube is a real treasure for you as a professional? Yes, YouTube will allow you to share videos that will be seen all over the world. You just have to make them attractive and useful so that they can be of interest to as many people as possible;
  • Facebook Facebook : used all over the world, Facebook is one of the best known and most popular networks. All age groups can find themselves there and you can advertise in images, video or text. It’s up to you!

How to choose the webmarketing strategy that suits you best?

In order to effectively define the webmarketing strategy that suits you best, it is important to start by defining clear objectives and making an exhaustive list of the means you have at your disposal to achieve them. This involves taking stock of your financial availability, human resources and also the time you have available. Once this has been done, identify the strategies adopted by the competition and make sure you do better in terms of quality, the means used and above all the frequency with which these means are used.

Webmarketing: a few free tools to get to know

To implement all the webmarketing strategies at your disposal, there are free tools that you can use in a simple way for results that meet your expectations. Discover here some of these tools:

  • Google Analytics This free tool from Google is designed to allow you to analyze the different passages of Internet users on your site. You will be able to have all the information relative to their visits: day, hour, time spent, language of consultation and others.
  • Google Keyword Planner The role of this tool, as its name suggests, is to introduce you to the most popular keywords in your sector of activity. It will therefore be easier for you to integrate them on your site or in your articles for a better SEO.
  • Google My Business Google: Google allows you with this tool to locate your business on Google Maps and Google web. Internet users will be able to find you more easily during their searches, this tool will also improve your SEO.
  • Google Page Speed Insights : thanks to this tool, you will be able to know the response speed of your web page on mobile phone and computer.

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