Video editing application

Some time ago I was hired to make the advertising posters for a company dedicated to the world of the night, and I also had to make promotional videos every week for Instagram stories.

Then I had a major problem in video editing, since I needed to make them in a specific size, and that it was easy and fast.

After much searching, asking and reading, I found almost by chance Inshot, a free video editing application that offered me everything I needed.

How does it work?

Best of all, it is a very easy to use application. We are offered three possibilities for editing, video, photography and collage. I always use it for video editing.

  1. We select the video or videos that we want to edit. We can also select a series of photographs or gifs for the video montage.
  2. In the option “CANVAS” we choose the format we want to use. In addition, the same application provides us with the measurements for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. It also gives us the option of making the video smaller and not occupying the entire canvas, I like this a lot because that way I put the white background and it is framed.
  3. We can also choose a background color for our project.
  4. We choose the duration of our video, that is, we can shorten them and choose the transition mode between them, since it provides us with different options.
  5. We can add a wide variety of filters and effects to our project, as well as we can insert text and stickers.
  6. Finally we choose the music that we like the most. The same application provides us with a great variety of music, but we can add the music we want to the library.
  7. Now we only have to export and enjoy our project.

The truth is that it is very simple. As always, I am going to attach a video where you can see how I easily edit a video.