Instagram was already taking time to do something So. And it is that he has launched a new official account from which we can learn all the secrets and tricks to create special content for his social network.

An account that below you will be able to know and that is fully dedicated to content creation. That is, if you are thinking of creating an official channel for your gaming account or for the university class itself, this account will come from perslas.

The account is @creators and it gives tricks like that 60% of users view Insgram Stories with audio. That is, to put sound in to animate those stories and have more impact and engagement.


At the moment the account is created with 9 images in which give some advice and some creators are shown. And what is a FAQ with the most frequently asked questions in this social network for stories.

From how to activate a badge for a famous account, how they use groups to test new features on Instagram or how to filter the comments that we do not want to be in the publications that we are making from our account.

A tips and tricks series To which many others will be added, since we are before the first step taken by an account that is going to become the central axis, or one of the sites to visit, to outline our skills in creating content for this social network , either through photos, videos or stories.

Don’t miss these four reference accounts for understand a little better what this social network is about that has become a full trend and that is the most used by the next generations.