Jony iv

What the designer of the iPod and iPhone let Apple mean a lot for the company both for the mobile phone industry. On the one hand for Apple for running out of one of its illustrious figures, and for the industry where it could end up to start new projects.

Jony iv has been Apple’s chief design officer and that he announced his departure from the company yesterday after 30 years of service. Famous for designing some of the brand’s most recognizable products, he will now begin a new journey with his own company.

I’ve been leading Apple’s design team since 1996 and been responsible for helping the company reap great fortunes for creating one of the most influential pieces of industrial design in the world of technology.

Started in 1998 with the iMac to go on to design the iPod in 2001 and the iPad in 2010. You can also put your signature on the design of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods. So you can understand the huge empty space it leaves in Apple. They will surely miss him as much as Steve Jobs would be.

Iphone 4

Of course, he will continue to be very closely with Apple, but as he himself says, it is time to make a change. His new company called LoveFrom, will be released in 2020 once the designer has completed his departure from Apple by the end of this year. He will not have a substitute at the moment, but it will be Evans Hankey who will take over.

The Ive work sums up what the Apple brand has been: functional, simple and elegant. A difficult day for Apple that will have to deal with Ive out of its ranks to continue at a very difficult time in an increasingly difficult market with so many competitors. We leave you with the new Apple Mac Pro.