Kamprani fork

Today we are going to leave a little space for a series of daily objects that could be the most useless that we’ve seen in a long time. In fact they are designed with the same intention of uselessness proper to their concept.

Perhaps the most curious thing about their design is to look for uselessness as the base concept. Katerina Kamprani is the artist behind this series of artistic works that have been devised with the basic concept of being useless from the first moment they are manufactured.

By the way, luckily they are designed like this in 3D, so nothing happens for give it a little imagination and try to create impossible designs. One of them, such as that hose that “self-runs”, is perfect to illustrate what the hell we’re talking about.

Watering machine

Like those two cups joined at their base by one and that it would be impossible to drink, even if we sided with another person; well, you can always try.

Two glasses

Kamprani already warns from its website that these designs are intended to be useless and be practically aberrations. The worst thing would be to admit that some would have their value and their effectiveness when it is practically impossible.

Aberrant fork

Really the This Greek artist’s goal is for you to have a laugh and that a smile is drawn on your face. If we look at it from this prism, then we can keep that fork “bracelet” that would be impossible to use if we do not take from the same ends.

Or that brush designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to use, unless we want to use it as if we had a brush gripping the stick in our fist. You can visit the Kamprani website to see the rest of his crazy inventions. If we go crazy, pay attention to the photos of Burning Man 2019.