Kandinsky painting

It is not that Kandinsky himself has come back and created this color test, but that he has been the yU + co study and the Getty Research Institute the one who has taken online a curious test with which to put our knowledge to the test.

This test has been named as the Kandinsky Form and the Color Exercise in which we have to use drag and drop to find the solution to the various challenges that will put us to the test. Curious form and curious tests. Go for it.

The Russian painter in his day put to the test with some exercises to their students. And it is those same exercises that are arranged online to know if your answers are on par with the knowledge given by the Russian teacher.


Kandinsky is an eminence in the theory of color, of which you can learn more about her from here, and from her book showed the links between the associations emotional and spiritual between different colors and shapes.

To communicate the relationship between colors and shapes Kandinsky created a series of exercises that we can find thanks to the Getty Research Institute and the innovative study yUI + co. You can access the tests from this link.

In the first exercise we will see that we have to grab a color and drag it to the form that we believe is its corresponding. We are not going to tell you the result, but we encourage you to try yourself to test yourself.

In short, an interesting proposal with the one to delve into Kandinsky’s world of color and how we will even be able to know in situ his reasons for putting red in one way, blue in another and yellow in the other one. It will surely surprise you and open the way to understand a little better the theory of color and its link with emotions and feelings.