Character Animator

That they arrive keyframes to Adobe Character Animator it means a lot. In the sense that now we will have greater control over the frames that make up the animations that we are going to create.

Adobe has announced that they will arrive very soon control over keyframes in your application of animation. For animators, both professionals and amateurs, it will mean a wide range of possibilities when animating their characters and scenes.

After knowing yesterday the arrival of a Content-Aware Fill optimization to Photoshop, and that supposes even more magic for that characteristic, keyframes are more than important to Character Animator.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Character Animator, say that it is a tool that gives life to graphics imported from other Adobe programs. What really makes the difference are your skills for real-time capture of recorded motion with our camcorder or microphone.

Up to now, the app was limited for creation of videos with its limitations. He was only able to make the characters speak or move in the video. It will be with the keyframes that animators can modify properties such as position, scale or rotation. Which will open a wide range of possibilities for them.

We talk about what the character’s eyebrows can be more easily animated and another series of details that until today was impossible from an app like Adobe’s.

We recommend that you take a look at the video so that you get a better idea of all the possibilities coming soon to Character Animator from Adobe. Some keyframes more than important when animating and that will give wings to this Adobe app in Creative Cloud.