A few weeks ago we had the great idea from a clothing brand to completely turn things around with a more than successful marketing campaign. Is KFC the one that has happened to turn things around As for your bucket of fried chicken.

But the idea may clash, because it has been turned around to make it in a series of hats that the truth It is not that they are very good … Or at least it is what it seems to us at first glance.

So the idea is to convert that cube with the true colors of the fried chicken cube from the American company in some “cool” hats. What has been done is to turn it around and turn them into those hats that can lead to different taunts.


We are talking about a project carried out for KFC Russia and with the collaboration of W + K Amsterdam and the urban clothing brand Mam Cupy. What it shows are the KFC and Mam Cupy logos turned upside down; That said, that it is fashionable and is shown in a great way by the Desigual clothing brand.


It is a campaign of branding for KFC Russia And that is almost on par with some of the weirder marketing campaigns we’ve seen from KFC, like when he had to apologize through an ad with one carried out by MOther London.

Let’s see, what happens that That bucket hat looks like someone has thrown it on him to another. What would be missing are the remains of food, but perhaps it is to go too far in this marketing that is sometimes so difficult and that always tries to surprise. Not always with a good end as it seems this time.