Learn these classic drawing techniques for beginners


Image by salvadorfornell is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you want to start drawing but don’t know where to start? With the following techniques you will learn multiple ways to bring your creations to life.

To develop them you will only need paper, pencil and eraser. Let’s go there!

Circulism technique

This drawing technique is based on draw small circles that overlap each other, in such a way that an irregular effect is created. We can make larger or smaller circles depending on the degree of darkness that we want to give the drawing.

It is ideal for drawing people’s skin, since we can reflect its characteristic pores.

Cross Hatching Technique

The Cross Hatching is based on the formation of a cross lattice, drawing parallel and diagonal lines. Thus, we will create texture in our drawing. Making the lines more or less separated we will obtain a different degree of darkness.

Shading technique

The shading technique is based, as its name suggests, on the creating shadows by moving the pencil in a zigzag. To do this, we will more or less increase the pressure of the pencil, as well as its angle, depending on the darkness that we want to give.

Hatching technique

This technique consists of draw lines together to mark the shape of an object’s outline. They are used to fill spaces, creating shadows in the figures.

Sgraffito technique

Based on the hatching technique, we make more layers in the same way, overlapping. The outline of the object will be much more marked.

Scumbling Technique

This technique is very similar to the circulism technique, but in this case we circle much more together, creating greater darkness in our figure.

In addition to these, there are multiple techniques to develop your potential with the pencil. If you want to do drawing challenges for fun, I advise you to read this previous post.

And you, what are you waiting for to take your pencil and start drawing?

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