How to draw Disney characters

From the official YouTube account and other resources that we are going to give you, you can learn to draw Disney characters as is Mikey Mouse. One of the stars of classic animation and iconic character from Disney’s dream and fantasy factory.

As Disney parks remain closed, Disney animators are showing their great talent in drawing, with a series of classes that teach how to draw the nice character from these studies, which made up part of the world of animation that we are witnessing today.

We talk about a online tutorial series that give us the opportunity to take a pencil in hand, a sheet and thus recreate that famous drawing of the iconic protagonist of countless shorts and animated films.

And it is that they have taken the time to create those tutorials and teach how the most popular Disney characters are drawn. Each of them indicate step by step how to form the line of movement, the most important elements of the character’s structure, such as head, body and limbs, and all other details to finally draw our favorite character.

They even teach how draw the different “Mickey Mouse” from different eras like that of the 20s to the most current. A great exercise as a study to understand the importance of these elements to adapt to the trends of the moment.

We not only have Mickey Mouse, but Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story or Winnie the Pooh himself. A great time to hang out with the family and pencil in hand learn to draw those characteristic characters of the factory of dreams that this company has always been; by the way don’t miss out on these Adobe coloring books in their first week and the second.